Get Microsoft Office for free

Our school uses the Microsoft Office suite of applications to aid with teaching and learning on all of our computers in school. As part of our licensing agreement, students are allowed to download a fully working free copy of Microsoft Office 365 to use on their computer, smartphone and tablet whilst they are a student at our school. By using their school Office 365 account Microsoft Office can be installed on up to five personal devices.

Office 365 can also be used and accessed via the web through a computers web browser, allowing students full access to the Office suite of applications, including their school email via Microsoft Outlook.

In conjunction with Microsoft’s cloud based storage solution, Microsoft OneDrive, our students are able to save their school work and then work on it at home through their school Office 365 account. 

To learn more about how your child can benefit from Office 365 by installing a copy on their personal device, see the information below.

You can download and install Microsoft Office for free on your child's Android device (Smartphone or Tablet) or iOS device (iPhone and iPad) using their school email account.

Please see the following guide which explains the steps involved for installing and activating Office on your child's device for free:

Installing Office for your child on their computer is straightforward. To start with you will need to get your child to log on to their school email by clicking here and then following the instructions provided below.


Office can be accessed through the web without the need to install any software on your computer. To access Microsoft Office on the web, all that your child needs to do is access their school email through a compatible web browser by clicking here and then signing in with their school email account and password (Your child's school email address is the username that they use in school to log on a computer followed by @flhs.wigan.sch.uk - their password is the password that they use to log on a computer in school). Once on their email, students can then access the full suite of Office applications.

Your child can install Office but they are limited on how many devices they are signed in on.
For Office to work it must be activated with an Office 365 account. Your child’s school email account is an Office 365 account which allows Office to be activated on 5 devices at any one time. These devices can include both computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) but cannot exceed the maximum number of activations.
For example, your child might have a tablet and a computer with Office activated on both.
In this scenario your child will be able to install and activate Office on a further 3 devices before they have reached their maximum number of 5 devices that they have activated Office on using their allocation.
If your child has used up all of their five activations when they attempt to register Office using their school account they will by told that they cannot sign in with their account to activate. If this occurs your child will need to sign out of Office on a device they no longer need to be signed in on before they can continue to activate Office. For further information on how to sign out of Microsoft Office to free up an activation, click here.

To learn more about the applications we use in our school, click here.