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How many times can I install Office?

You can install Office as many times as you want but you are limited on how many devices you are signed in on. Office will only work with an active Office 365 subscribed account. Your school e-mail account is a Office 365 account which allows Office to be registered on five devices at any one time. These devices can include both computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) but cannot exceed the maximum number of registrations. For example, you might have a tablet and a computer with Office activated on both. Office installed on computer + apps installed on tablet = 2 activations. If you have used up all of your activations when you attempt to register Office or any apps on another device using your school e-mail account you will by told that you cannot sign in with your school e-mail account to activate. You will need to sign out of Office and all of its apps on a device you have previously signed in on before you can continue.

For further information on how to deactivate Office on your device click here.


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