Letter from the Headteacher – 21/05/21

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware we were putting tentative plans to hold a leavers’ event in school on Friday 9th July; however, we received the following statement from Wigan Council and the Director of Public Health.

We acknowledge the importance of these events for many young people, both as a celebration of their achievements in the previous academic year and during their time at a school, as well as the positive emotional and mental health and wellbeing benefits of these events. However, given the prevailing circumstances, we are advising schools that proms and other similar events should not go ahead under the current circumstances.

There is obviously a great deal of concern regarding the new variants of Covid in our region. These circumstances make it very difficult for us to plan anything effectively. Given the uncertainty, we have taken the difficult decision not to go ahead with the event on the 9th July.  At this point it is too early to determine if we will be able to arrange an alternative event at a later date and, we certainly would not want to raise expectations and risk further disappointment. 

We appreciate how disappointing this news will be for the students in Year 11 and it is with a heavy heart that we have to bid the students farewell in these circumstances.  In spite of the constraints, we hope that our students can make the most out of their last day on Wednesday 26th May. Mrs Hyslop has communicated with you about the dress code for the occasion. In order to reiterate her message, the emphasis is on dressing appropriately for such a nice occasion to celebrate their final day, say farewell to staff and have their pictures taken. We want to see all our invited Year 11s there.


Mr P Davies