Statement – Social Media

The school have become aware of a few negative comments made on social media, and particularly on the ‘Tyldesley Live’ Facebook group, and we want to remind members of the group about our communication channels.

We have previously advised that any questions, issues or suggestions for the school should be made by contacting the school directly via the appropriate channels. This can be done by telephoning 01942 883796 or by emailing us at enquiries@flhs.wigan.sch.uk

Whenever parents have directly raised any concerns with the school, we have invited them in to discuss their concerns, with the majority of them being resolved through sensible dialogue and an agreement between all parties. Unfortunately, on a few occasions recently, we have not had the support of parents who have either not engaged with the school at all or have been unreasonable in their demands or have been dissatisfied with the outcome.

In relation to these recent posts on the ‘Tyldesley Live’ Facebook group, we have tried to identify the students who the comments refer to and will be contacting parents to invite them into school to discuss any perceived issues with a view to resolving these.

Freddie’s has always been at the heart of our community, and we always pride ourselves on our excellent home-school relationships. Many of you will also have been students at the school and you will know how much we value the Freddie’s Family, and we cannot stress enough the importance of building and maintaining strong school-parent partnerships.

Thank you.