The final character trait that we will be focusing on is being committed. Having commitment is a key character value as it means that we can sustain our effort and perform over a period of time. It is linked to resilience and motivation. Look at how Kevin Sinfield has shown incredible commitment recently competing 7 ultra-marathons in 7 days!

Further information on being committed is found below:


the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
E.g. "the company's commitment to quality"

What is the true meaning of commitment?

An agreement or pledge to do something in the future. E.g. commitment to improve conditions at the prison; an engagement to assume a financial obligation at a future date – something pledged.

What is commitment example?

It can be something simple like staying late at work, or it could mean sacrificing your time to do something. Being dedicated to your work ethic shows that you are committed to the tasks you undertake, whether they are personal or professional.

What makes a person committed?

Committed people have priorities and they stick to those priorities. They develop a routine that allows them to slowly and steadily work toward their goals. They are loyal to their families, their friends, their team, their sport and themselves because they are determined to succeed.

What are the signs of a committed person?

Five signs that may prove you are a committed person:

  • You adapt easily. You are adaptable to any situation, because the goal is more important to you than anything that stands in the way of it.
  • You are very tolerant. Commitment requires tolerance.
  • You are dependable.
  • You are focused.
  • You are passionate.

What is the key to commitment?

Strong desire.

In order to fully commit to something, you will need a clear and personally compelling reason. Without a strong desire, you will struggle when implementation gets difficult. With that compelling desire, however, insurmountable obstacles are seen as challenges to be met.

Why is commitment a key to success?

The stronger your commitment, the more likely you are to succeed as you refuse to give up or give in. You make more disciplined and productive decisions — and are more willing to go out of your comfort zone. That’s what it takes to achieve success.