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    Revision Resources

    The following resources have been provided by our teachers to help your child with preparing for their exams.

    • Revision Timetable Template

      Having a timetable to work to whilst studying is an effective way of keeping organised whilst preparing for your exams. You can find an example template below that you can print out, fill in and stick to your wall.

    • Study Skills Advice

      The following guides to studying have been created by our teaching staff to help you prepare for your exams. They give useful insights and tips into making sure that you can revise effectively. To access, click on the links below.

    Study Skills Advice

    If asked you will need to log in using your school Office 365 account. What is my school Office 365 account?


    GCSEPod is an online study platform and is the perfect resource to help you learn, retain and recall all the information needed to achieve your GCSE goals.

    GCSEPod provides 3-5 minute bursts of audio-visual, teacher written learning which can help to reinforce and consolidate key GCSE topics covered in lessons. Experts read and explain everything clearly including all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and diagrams on screen.

    GCSEPod isn’t just for revision, it’s to help expand your subject knowledge. If you are struggling with a piece of homework, you can search for the topic on GCSEPod and use the Pods as an additional resource. GCSEPod can be used on a computer or by downloading a free app for Smartphones and Tablets. To learn more about how to access GCSEPod, click on the button below.

    Revision materials by subject

    The following subjects have created revision materials for you to use to help you with your revision.