At KS3 and KS4 feedback and assessment practice:                                                                                                  

  • Is based on developing the key knowledge and skills required to achieve excellence in the subject;
  • Is based on our high standards expected for all students;
  • Is based heavily on formative feedback and allows all students to succeed – and to develop the resilience they will need to succeed in their studies;
  • Is simple and easy to understand – for staff, parents, and students;
  • Has consistent principles, to be used across subjects, but the flexibility to be suitable for all subjects;
  • Assessment is critical in our response to the pandemic. Teachers must fully understand the gaps in students’ knowledge and understanding (particularly of threshold concepts) and helps teachers to plan their response, ensuring that these gaps are addressed.

At Fred Longworth High School effective feedback and assessment must:

  • Enable teachers to establish students starting points in their learning;
  • Provide clear feedback to students which in turn will lead to students recognising the next steps in their learning and how to take them;
  • Build subject knowledge;
  • Help students to know and recognise the standards they are aiming for;
  • Develop high standards of presentation and develop the students’ pride in their work;
  • Develop students’ literacy skills;
  • Promote self-regulation and resilience;
  • Promote confidence and the belief in every student that they can improve;
  • Allow both the teacher and students to accurately review and reflect on assessment data.

An overview of feedback, assessment and reporting