The Inclusion Team at Fred Longworth High School are passionate about supporting our young people whether it be for academic or emotional needs.

Our environment is nurturing and supportive to ensure our students are both happy and successful in school.  We have significant resources and a dedicated, friendly academic and mental health and wellbeing team are on hand to provide prevention, early identification, and one-to-one intervention to support pupils with academic or mental health concerns.

Our Staff

Below is a list of our staff.

Mrs Waring (Assistant Headteacher)

SENCo, Senior Mental Health Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

I have worked in schools for almost 20 years and I am passionate to ensure all students are supported in school to do their very best. As SENCo I develop and oversee the implementation of the school’s SEN strategy and policy. I carry out assessments of students with SEND to identify needs and monitor progress. I work closely with both parents and teachers to implement Learning Plans so that students can make the best possible progress. 

As the Senior Mental Health Lead I co-ordinate a whole school approach to mental health. I work closely with the Inclusion Team, Safeguarding Officer and the Heads of Year to oversee the help the school gives to pupils with mental health problems. I help staff to spot students who show signs of mental health problems, offer advice to staff about mental health and refer children to specialist services. As the Deputy DSL I work alongside the DSL and Safeguarding Officer to ensure our students are kept safe.

Mrs Gannon (Inclusion Manager)

My role is to manage the day to day running of the Inclusion Centre. I run an alternative form every morning for students who are experiencing challenges. I work closely with students who have additional needs and also with Children who are looked after.  I can offer time and a safe space to talk about anything that is concerning you.

Mrs Bailey (Safeguarding Officer)

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. My role is to provide support, advice, and guidance for all students and/or their families when faced with welfare and safeguarding issues. I liaise with specialised external agencies to ensure the best outcomes for these students. I support staff to help identify students that may be experiencing safeguarding issues. I work very closely with The Inclusion Team and Heads of Year to identify students that may be facing mental health difficulties and signpost to specialist provision such as counselling, or the Schools Mental Health Team. I offer time, a safe space and a listening ear to all students who have any worries. 

Mrs Naylor (Mental Health and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator)

As the Mental Health and Well being Co-ordinator at Fred Longworth, my main role is to support students at a point of crisis and to help students and staff with any information and contacts they need to support their Mental health and Well-being. Our mental health is central to everything we do, and I can help staff and students and signpost them to the right support to suit their needs. I work closely with the MHST [Mental Health support team] and the Heads of Year, who make referrals for students to the team.
I can help students and their parents to navigate any worries they have and may refer students with more complex needs on for more targeted support to the wider school team or external agencies like MHST.  I also offer small well-being, self-esteem and anxiety support groups or 1:1 support for all year groups .  I have recently gained a ‘Senior Mental Health Lead Certificate’ and have completed trauma training.

Mr Potkin (Inclusion Learning Coach Maths Specialist)

Deputy Head of Year 10

My role involves delivering 1-1 Maths interventions to pupils who need extra support across all year groups. At KS3 I will work on basic Maths skills and Maths Recovery whereas in KS4 I will work on GCSE topics as well working on exam papers and exam strategies in preparation for GCSEs.

My role also consists on 1-1 mentoring sessions with pupils across all years but KS4 pupils is my strength. I aim to both engage and motivate pupils to aim for the best that they possibly can as well as focusing on what is the best for that individual. Finally, I am also one of the Careers Champions at Fred Longworth so I do also help students with college applications, CVs and working towards their future. I do also incorporate Careers into my mentoring sessions as a way to motivate students towards their chosen career path.

Mrs Homer (Literacy Learning Coach)

I help support students within the Inclusion Centre. My role is to improve students’ literacy using a range of strategies such as reading and phonics. As a school we want to encourage and develop the students reading, because reading is fundamental for progress and attainment across the curriculum, and I love having the opportunity to support this. As I am based in the Inclusion Centre, I am also here for students whether they need a chat, help with homework or a plaster! 

Mrs James (Pupil Premium Co-Ordinator)

Hi, my name is Mrs James and I have worked at Freddie’s for over five years. My role in school is the ‘Pupil Premium Co-ordinator’ which gives me the opportunity to help young people thrive at Freddie’s. From supporting students with their attendance, to offering academic mentoring, I love helping young people be their best selves. I love to help students build their confidence and resilience, provide help with uniform and organisation – my job is busy but hugely rewarding. I am here for students across all year groups and communicate regularly with students’ families to make sure we are working together in the interests of all our young people.

Mrs Bailey (Inclusion HLTA/ Nurture Group)

I support students, in small groups and one-to-one, in a nurturing environment that promotes wellbeing and mental health. One–to-one work can be done on Anger Management, Relaxation skills, Organisation skills, Ways to build Self-Esteem etc.  The Focus Room offers a safe base where students can take part in activities that are at their developmental level, that they enjoy and can help them to progress.  The work done in the Focus Room enables students to develop confidence so that they can manage the larger classroom setting and succeed.  Developing self-esteem and language communication is central to the work we do.  Emphasis is given to managing change and transitions so that students can build resilience. Those who are identified by their Y6 teacher as needing extra support prior to transition are invited to our Welcome Day. During the day students get to work in smaller groups and are introduced to our Inclusion Team. I work closely with school staff and outside agencies to support our students.

Chester (School Dog)

This academic year we are looking forward to welcoming Chester, a Maltese Terrier to our Inclusion Team as our School Dog. Chester will be coming into school to help people feel calm and relaxed.  Chester loves being stroked, being read to and making people smile.